The Paper Wall Feature Film

The Paper Wall

The Paper Wall
The is a virtual feature film made in Second Life with the help of various sponsors. 
Psychological Thriller (Registered with The Australian Writers Guild #9499 as The Paper Wall) is a loose adaptation of The Yellow Wallpaper, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. This has been filmed in machinima format and needs editing for distribution already offered internationally.
On a Victorian bushland estate in the confines of a dilapidated attic bedroom a prescribed treatment becomes the catalyst as a young mother disintegrates into the clutches of madness. Losing touch with reality and her relationships with the living she is transfixed by the tormented figures that creeps where no one can follow. Her zetetic husband and loving sister-in-law watch helplessly as the final descent leads the woman to the very walls she longs to tear down.


Black Ribbons and Blue Stockings 


Recognized today as one of Britain's leading portrait and landscape artists. Thomas Gainsborough, was also a feminist in the 18th Century, known as, The Apollo of the Palace. Coming from the country he retains his Suffolk values as his career blossoms in Bath and London, England, giving women of all social classes a chance to shine even if society tries to crush them.

(ready for shooting)


Autumn Moon Thriller/Horror

After years away following a massacre killing of most of the township, Dracula returns to his Medieval Castle in the woods above the town during the French Revolution. Princess Grace and and her sister Rose arrive from England for the Autumn festivities where, on one beautiful evening, they meet the masked Dracula at a Ball. He falls madly in love with Grace and pursues her at the expense of losing his Countess who becomes enraged and angry with revenge. A murderous event in the church courtyard causes fear and panic among the townsfolk and has placed Dracula's family in the spotlight once more. He does not stop for anyone and follows Princess Grace and her family back to England to finish his quest to secure his new found love.

Autumn Moon

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